Summer just got a lot more interesting.

Middle and high school youth can keep learning going this summer through WAVE: a new learning system that provides high-quality and engaging online learning experiences with a human touch.

Design your own summer experience

Choose from a wide range of online and offline options including dance, music, career workshops, coding, aerospace, hip-hop, finances, leadership, art, fitness, yoga and more.

Create a unique, customized schedule of daily live instruction from 9am-4pm based on your availability and interests.

Sample Courses

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight introduces students to aviation and aerospace

History of Me

History of Me by MC Dylekt uses hip-hop pedagogy to explore personal identities and histories

Building your Business

Building your Business by Pocketchange promotes a new relationship with money and financial decision-making

STRIVE - How You Lead Matters

STRIVE - How You Lead Matters promotes social emotional learning and character driven leadership

Art & Fitness Yoga

Instructors from Rodney Street Tennis engage youth in art and fitness yoga

Don't go it alone

Every participating youth will be paired with a “Summer Learning Guide.” This near-peer will act as mentor and tutor, providing a true human connection within a digital experience.

Sign up with your friends, coordinate course schedules, and share the summer together.


  • Stop the COVID and summer slide! Summer months are critical to maintaining learning, and COVID shutdowns have exacerbated this effect 
  • Live courses taught by high-quality educators in small groups
  • Designed and delivered by trusted Delaware non-profits including Community Education Building, Strive, and SummerCollab
  • Provides opportunities for student connection, reflection, choice, and engagement 
  • It’s safe! 100% remote instruction/engagement, no in-person interactions required, instructors and guides fully vetted
  • Parents can take a break from the stress of constantly managing their child’s online learning
  • “Summer Learning Guides” will act as mentors, tutors, and supporters as youth choose courses and personalize their experience