Pods Done Right.

For the Good of All.

WAVE is a nonprofit that helps families by providing highly qualified guides to help students with remote learning in small groups called Pods

WAVE’s mission is educational equity. We strive to make our essential services available to all through a charitable model and partnerships with families, employers, and schools

Guides are Pod Superheroes


Whether virtual or in-person, WAVE guides are the extra help students need to perform their best while remote learning.

Like tutors that are trained to go way above and beyond providing academic support.

WAVE guides build personal relationships with each student and ensure they feel supported and motivated in their school’s remote studies. They help structure the day and keep kids on task so parents can focus on their own work.

WAVE carefully screens, hires, and trains guides so they are ready for anything this fall.

Guide superpowers




  Trained in Social Emotional Learning

  Trained in academic tutoring

  Dedicated to your pod

  Experienced with youth

  CPR certified

  Trained in COVID safety

 Trained in behavior management

How WAVE Works



Your family’s Pod, company, or school buys WAVE and we provide a dedicated guide


Pod and guide meet virtually, or at approved in-person meeting location


Guide helps students with their emotions, socializing, academics, and exploring their interests


Every paid WAVE guide helps to sponsor a WAVE Community Pod so families in need get the help they need this fall!

WAVE Pricing

How much will WAVE cost me?

Educational Equity is our Mission!

Equity in education is a serious challenge in the COVID era. With WAVE, you can be part of the solution.

Every dollar you spend on your WAVE guide supports a Pod of low-income students, providing them with equal access to all of the same academic and social-emotional benefits.

You can also donate to WAVE to help sponsor a Community Pod.

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