About Us

Our mission: educational equity for distance learning

What is WAVE? 

WAVE is a nonprofit program that provides learning support for students to help with their remote schooling, social emotional needs, and active engagement.

Our mission is educational equity for distance learning. We do that by partnering with schools and providing guides and pod programming for low income and disconnected at-risk students.


Our Story

In the wake of COVID-19, The Community Education Building (CEB) and Social Contract, both of Wilmington, DE, teamed up to build a solution for families struggling with the cancellation of summer programs.

WAVE was the first successful pilot funded through the vision fund. Our inaugural summer program was built around our WAVE design principles of personalized learning, student choice, autonomy, and social-emotional growth. Together, our collaborative helped students experience a different side to Distance Learning.


What’s Next

In recent weeks, as schools have made the decision to go virtual for the fall (and possibly beyond), it has become clear that families will require a solution that will enable supervision, accountability, academic support, and social-emotional supports. 

We know that some families are struggling with this more than others. While schools are doing more to provide synchronous learning time,  it’s clear that remote learning will remain difficult for many.

That is why WAVE is working with families, schools, governments, and employers throughout Delaware to provide WAVE learning guides as part of a comprehensive system of support for Pods looking for help. WAVE is Distance Learning Done Right. For the Good of All.



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