Our Partners

Because we’re all in this together.

Once a building donated by Bank of America, CEB is now a non-profit that has repurposed previously used office space into a vibrant, innovative community committed to educating low income children. CEB values collaboration and innovation to help guide, support and inspire the broader educational ecosystem in Wilmington. When COVID hit, CEB stepped into a leadership role to aid the emergence of the WAVE learning system – providing high level leadership and staff to manage its quick roll out in support of over 100 students from 19 schools in Delaware.  

Network Connect is a non-profit in Wilmington committed to ensuring teens have access to exciting, engaging and empowering learning and developmental experiences.  Uniquely, Network Connect partners with DHSS to provide community centers with free programming from high quality providers.  Network Connect also launched Future Culture Creators to support the learning and leadership development of Wilmington teens. Though new in its development, Future Culture Creators, under leadership of Network Connect, has a reputation as a top employment training and developmental program for teens in the City. 

SummerCollab strategically partners with existing community-based institutions to help them optimize the role they can and must play for kids in our highest-need communities. Through targeted staff development, summer planning and data resources, SummerCollab grows student literacy, curiosity, and critical thinking skills. When kids practice critical thinking and problem solving, they develop strategies to dig deeper and build confidence to navigate the world around them.

Strive is a non-profit that focuses on character-driven leadership. They have a long-standing reputation for offering best in class social-emotional learning (“SEL”) curriculum and coaching, in particular for middle and high school youth. Through this partnership, Strive will train guides to utilize their SEL curricula, which will enable them to lead games and challenges with kids that are thought-provoking and promote improvement in communication, interpersonal relations, character development, and leadership development. Guide coaches will provide support and training on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.


Social Contract is a consulting company that designs and lifts off collaborative solutions to complex social challenges. Social Contract designed WAVE, selected CEB as its fiscal sponsor, and developed a leadership team who oversaw WAVE’s 2020 summer programming. Over the past month, Social Contract has been approached by a number of partners in the community asking if WAVE might aid low income families in creating pods. This proposal is the solution Social Contract has brokered, which aligns the thinking and expertise from all partners referenced in this proposal.

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