WAVE for Employers

Solve for child care and educational equity by providing your employees with WAVE guides. Or make a donation to create an even larger impact throughout your community.

Shared impact, shared responsibility

Working parents aren’t the only ones affected by the changes COVID has wrought upon back-to-school plans, the availability of after-school activities, and other social supports that serve as dependable child care during work hours. Employees juggling their students’ remote learning at home or who must scramble to align a school’s hybrid schedule with their job responsibilities aren’t going to be as productive as they were before they had to take on the additional roles of teacher, proctor, and tech support for their kids. Some will have the financial ability to hire help to fill in these gaps. Most will not—including those whose children are already most at-risk of falling behind academically.

WAVE was designed to solve for both of these critical needs: WAVE guides provide academic and social-emotional support for students to free their parents up to focus on their role as breadwinners. And WAVE provides these same services to families who can’t afford it on their own by partnering with their schools, fundraising through philanthropy and grants, and working with local employers who recognize the business advantage and social responsibility to provide WAVE guides for their employees and their children.

If you are an employer concerned about your employees’ ability to successfully navigate this chaotic and unprecedented return to school this fall, the most socially responsible thing you can do is to support them by funding one or more WAVE guides. Your donation is what makes pod equity possible.


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