WAVE for Families

Ensure that your child’s remote learning experience is positive and effective with the help of a WAVE guide. By choosing WAVE you’re helping to solve for educational equity by making these essential benefits available for all families in your community as well.

Get a Guide, Give a Guide

Back to school this fall is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before, and parents, schools, and entire communities are rising to the challenges of the moment as best they can. But it’s clear that no amount of planning or preparation can eliminate all of the additional pressures parents face in supporting their children’s remote and/or hybrid learning.

WAVE was created to address the needs of parents, families, and pods who need additional support to ensure their students can navigate remote learning academically, socially, and emotionally.

And WAVE is structured to also address the inequality inherent in the learning pod trend, so that families that can’t afford the significant expenses of creating and running pod environments can still share the same benefits that WAVE guides deliver. Your investment in a WAVE guide to support your family’s pod helps to subsidize pods and guides for low-income families in your community. By choosing WAVE, you’re helping to prevent the educational equity divide from growing even greater in this time of extreme change and need. 

WAVE Options for Your Family

Work with a WAVE Virtual Guide 

Host  a Pod at your Place of Work

Get 1-1 in person support for your student

Get help applying for a license to host  your home

WAVE Pricing

How much will WAVE cost me?